Kaizen Week in wk10, 2013

Kaizen week of 2013 was started with the topic of "improve the service of Canteen", 13 team members from different departments (including two trainees) formed the Kaizen team to shorten the waiting time, optimize the food pick up process, improve the cleaning level and improve employee's satisfaction. This time we also involved our canteen supplier as well as the canteen operator joined the team, worked together to improve canteen service.

Satisfaction improvement of canteen is the working target and difficulty of HR & Adm department. After on site observation, brain storming, discussion and analysis we totally initiated 96 ideas and fixed 53 improvement actions. According to the action plan the whole team was divided into three groups: group to optimize the layout, group to improve visualization and the group to standardize the work instruction. Within this one week you could find our busy shadow in different areas, meeting room, canteen, own working places...

"Come on! Come on! Come on!!!" with full of confidence and encourage each other, after several rounds of discussion and one week's hard work, totally we implemented 39 improvement actions, completed the expected goal. The content including: optimized the canteen layout and food pick up process, rearranged the lunch time to shorten waiting time, enhance the information sharing of canteen and improve the visualization, strengthen the management and supervision of canteen staff, add two ways for employee to submit the suggestions and complaints, set up a regulation to conduct the employee's behavior.

This is a good opportunity to improve canteen service by Kaizen, although the Kaizen is finished, it is not the ending of canteen improvement.

It is Kaizen let us work more closely and it is Kaizen keep us on improvement

Editor: Zhao, Hermann. CN/HRA-zh