STIHL warns about imitations

STIHL warns about imitations

Take care: what looks like a bargain may turn out to be very expensive, as the low price of counterfeit chain saws goes hand in hand with shorter life, less power and reduced safety.
But counterfeits are not always offered at low prices, though. In many cases the prices are only a little lower than the original product prices. This is done to create the impression that they are original STIHL products.

Counterfeits are a big source of hazards
Whereas STIHL products are characterized, among other things, by strict quality and safety standards, this is not the case with imitations. In many cases the machines break down after only a short time in use, and as spare parts are not available they cannot be repaired. Moreover, safety-critical devices may be faulty or totally absent. For example, the hand guard for the automatic chain brake - the most important safety device on a chain saw - was found to be broken when one counterfeit saw was unpacked.

STIHL chain saws have become a focus of attention for imitators. Most of the counterfeits come from China and they look like the original STIHL products, especially with their orange/light grey color scheme. Furthermore, consumers are taken in by forged stickers with the 'STIHL' brand name, and in some cases familiar model designations like 'MS 440' are marked on the saws as well. Apart from their colors and the model designation, these chain saws have nothing in common with the original STIHL chain saws.

How can you protect yourself?
Street vendors, flea markets and car boot sales are always a sure sign of counterfeit, inferior, risky products. The same applies to new products offered for sale on the Internet.
STIHL distributes its products exclusively through authorized dealers, thus guaranteeing original products, service and advice. At your STIHL dealer's you can be sure of getting full STIHL quality, and not some cheap imitation.

If in doubt, please contact your authorized dealer.
Or you can e-mail your questions to us at: