Top Human Resources Management Awards


Top Human Resources Management Awards, held by 51job - the largest human resource service company, is currently one of the largest and most authoritative human resource campaigns in China, which attracts tremendous attention. There are more than 200 enterprises from eight regions in China taking part in this campaign. Many items have been appraised in this campaign, such as the company development plan in the next three years, how human resources department supports the company's strategies, the capability of attracting and retaining talents, compensation programs, personal development, organizational development and the company culture development and so on. STIHL Qingdao gained this award and the ceremony was held in Shangri-La in Qingdao on Jan. 21st in 2014.

Different from "the Best Employer Award", Top Human Resources Management Awards focus more on the support of human resource management to the company's long term goal, the future direction and best practices of Human Resources, which would be the guidance and benchmark of the industry. As a well-known foreign company, STIHL Qingdao is in a leading position in manufacturing industry. The company not only offers competitive compensation to the employees, but also pays much attention on the integration of personal development with company business needs, and provides dual career path for the employees. In terms of meeting the needs of talents, the company pays much attention on the internal development, besides the external recruitment, and trains high potential young graduates through trainee program. The dual system of vocational training provides more developing opportunities for workers and cultivates excellent skilled technicians. All these practices above play a key role in attracting and retaining talents.

Faced with the competition aroused by globalization and increasingly complicated economic situation, the company needs talents and innovation to keep the competitiveness. Therefore, HR will pay more attention to employees' commitment and build an effective talent pool in order to improve organizational performance and establish a powerful brand to support company's rapid development.