Working at STIHL

Employer with social responsibility
The company STIHL Qingdao is an employer with social responsibility. STIHL is always willing to support all kinds of charity events and have been sponsoring many culture events. Beside that, STIHL is also devoted to supporting the local education and has sponsored the scholarship to several local universities.
As a German-owned company, STIHL Qingdao is committed to environmental protection and its continuous improvement at high level. The company actively participate in all kinds of social activities related to environment and has invested a lot to implement energy saving projects within the company.

Employer of Supporting
Beside the competitive salary and benefits program, STIHL Qingdao also provides many attractive programs to the employees such as tuition assistance program to help employees with their further education & development, special award program to show recognition for excellent performance of employees.
In STIHL Qingdao, the employees have obtained great development opportunities. The company has specifically implemented an internal transfer policy to push forward the personal development within the company, provide employees with more opportunities for their career development. So far, over 75% of senior & leadership positions have been filled internally.

Employer of Caring
STIHL Qingdao cares for employees and organizes all kinds of activities to provide a good working atmosphere and aiming at a work-life balance for his employees. We regularly organize the following activities: family day, annual dinner, outing, family sports competition. Various celebration activities are organized by different teams at times. The company also sponsors sports activities for the employees during spare time such as badminton, basketball etc.