Communication in STIHL Qingdao

Open and efficient communication & negotiation is a basic tool to enable management and employees to achieve advantageous work result and reach the targets agreed.

Due to different background of STIHL Qingdao staff we especially focus on intercultural relationship, which means to respect and learn from each other to establish a mutual culture of communication and cooperation.

STIHL Communication Principles

Openness: Employees of all level should be encouraged to give constructive feedback as well as being ready to handle critics in a positive way.

Trust: A trustful working atmosphere is a prerequisite for initiative and for self responsible working style. Making mistakes and learning from it, we accept it as an important way to improve our performance. Employees should be free to find the best way on how to work on it.

Teamwork: Many of our tasks can only be accomplished involving different functions and colleagues. Thus team work is a key success factor. All related employees should know about the basic rules and willing to contribute to common achievements.

Individuality: Since every employee has got individual strengths, he or she will be most successful applying his or her own style. Superiors should support them in developing a work environment which allows as much choice as possible and limit rules to necessary extend. In order always to find the best solution contributing own personal opinion is highly appreciated.

Conflict management: Due to conflicting targets, different tasks and roles of employees and various personal opinion, the arising of conflicts is normal in daily business. Therefore the ability of solving conflicts respectively and turning it to a 'win-win-situation' is a key competency.

Tolerance towards mistakes: Even though we do not accept any defect on our products, sometimes we cannot avoid making mistakes in daily work. It is important to accept and consider this as a chance to learn. Nobody should be blamed for making a mistake, we should rather openly discuss it and give support to avoid similar mistakes in future.