We obtained OHSAS18001 certificate!

We obtained OHSAS18001 certificate!

In the end of October, we obtained OHSAS18001 certificate! It is a good news for the whole company. And it becomes a milestone in the history of STIHL Qingdao.

OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety assessment series) is an international standards formulated by British Standard Institute. It specifies requirements for an occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system.

The main reasons for apply OHSAS18001 are:

  • Legal compliance and ensuring occupational health and safety is part of corporate culture
  • For the STIHL QD top management, occupational health and safety always goes along with product quality and environmental protection
  • Even though we already have many occupational health and safety management tools, there is a need of effective system to maintain and continuous improve it
  • Already demonstrated through ISO14001, an independent 3rd party plays an important role in reminding and challenging us to carefully look after the systems.

The project kicks off in Feb.. It goes through several milestones: trainings to project team members, pre-audit, 1st audit and 2nd audit. The way to next step always contains many obstacles and chal-lenges.

In the end of October, we obtained the certificate. Behind this piece of paper, there are a lot of improvements in different areas, which brings the real meanings to the paper, e.g., contractor management, occupational health check, employee participation, forwarder management and so on. We build the OHSAS18001 system with the contribution/participation of all employees, which in turn brings a healthy and safe working environment to all.