IDOL NIGHT – STIHL Qingdao Annual Dinner 2016

IDOL NIGHT – STIHL Qingdao Annual Dinner 2016 On Jan. 16th, 2016, STIHL Qingdao Annual Dinner "IDOL NIGHT" was held at Shangri-La Hotel. All employees gathered together to celebrate this big event. Chairman of the Executive Board, Dr. Bertram Kandziora & General Manager Mr. Michels have addressed speech to all employees. They have reviewed the development in the past 10 years in STIHL Qingdao, showed the great success in 2015 and expressed sincere thanks to all employees who have greatly contributed to this success. They have also shared with all STIHLers the development plan in 2016.
"IDOL NIGHT" - as the theme of Annual Dinner 2016 it literally means multipal possibilities - was interpreted tactfully in the opening video as 5 STIHL values and 9 Competency models. The MCs showed up in the form of a model show which lights up the enthusiasm of the audience instantly. The theme of STV 2016 "STIHL Culture", with simple but interesting stories, each video has demonstrated one STIHL value. Then the Culture Ambassadors have received STIHL Qingdao Culture Ambassador Certificate from Mr. Michels, with them being the ambassadors, more and more STIHL Qingdao culture activities will be carried out in 2016.
The programs performed by STIHLers are fantastic as always. Passionate Samba has taken the audiences to Brazil for a few minutes. Lovely "Super Mario" performed by QAM & RCM department have reminded many their childhood with this classic game. The music drama "Romeo & Juliet" from SDM is marvelous; we see STIHL Qingdao show business idols rise.
After the dinner, Mr. Michels with 5 gentlemen have performed the dance "Black & White" which is a visual feast. STIHL Dancing King Bryan presented the cool Hi-pop "Lean On". Girls in the "Hot" Jazz made the dining hall hot. "Let's Show" performed by assembly workers' has led the party to the highlight of the night.
Thanks to the great contribution from the actors and organizers. Wish every STIHLer a happy Monkey year and great success in 2016!