"Grow to Lean" - STIHL Qingdao 2016 Supplier Day

“Grow to Lean” - STIHL Qingdao 2016 Supplier Day STIHL Qingdao 2016 Supplier Day "Grow to Lean" was held successfully at Qingdao on 1st and 2nd Sep 2016. As kind of centralized communicate meeting with supplier held biyearly, there were totally over 140 friends from more than 70 suppliers have attended this gathering. Mr. Klaus Baumbach - STIHL Group purchasing director and Mr. Carlos Henrique Diefenthaeler Krahe - STIHL Brazil purchasing manager have attended the Supplier Day as special guests.
The theme of 2016 Supplier Day is "Grow to Lean", which was intended to deliver the continuous improvement development ideas to all suppliers. As we all known, STIHL Qingdao has just celebrated 10th anniversary in last year, with the great support of all suppliers and employees, STIHL QD continuously improved its competitiveness and showed great performance on flexibility, on-time delivery and high quality. Meanwhile, to cope with the increasingly fierce market competition, STIHL QD responded very quickly on providing the best-to-buy products for quality and price in entry level at Asian markets. Now we are proud to say that STIHL QD is one of the best plants in STIHL group in terms of Continuous Improvement. For better handling of the challenges from more and more new development projects in future, STIHL QD hope to make continuous improvement together with all the suppliers and set up a more efficient, stable and highly-competitive supply chain.
Drinking the world famous Qingdao Beer, the 2016 STIHL Qingdao Supplier Day "Grow to Lean" was ended successfully. As Mr. Michels mentioned in his toast "We've had a lot of changes in the past two years and there might be more changes in the future, but Supplier Day is a tradition we will keep and our faith in suppliers will not be changed either." Let's looking forward to the next excellent Supplier Day!