Focusing on value generating, promoting top talents – Qualification Standards Training

Content Page 9254 What kinds of employee does an employer really need? What are the expectations from the employer about how the employees carry out the job? What are the contributions from employees that the employer really wants? These are the common questions raised by the company while developing. We always choose the person for some key positions based on personal experiences and feeling, while for the employees, since there is no clear development access, they always feel no value adding while the company developing a lot. Facing with such situation, the company needs to clarify the qualification standards for each position and transfer this information to all the related employees. Therefore, a systematical and effective qualification matrix system is really essential to the company while developing and transformation. Based on such demand, HR department invite Mr. Dou Shihong, who has solid experiences in qualification system setting and application, to lead all the superiors and some employees on the key positions to reflect and practice about the qualification standards.
It is necessary to go through all the current positions if we want to set up a systematic and effective qualification matrix. On the first day, Mr. Dou led the group discussion about the role classification for a specific position. Usually there should be 4-5 roles for one position after classification and priority. Speaking of defining roles, it need express the rights, responsibilities and expectations from the organization. During the discussion, the participants worked hard on roles defining.
Then, Mr. Dou explained how to define the levels for each role and conclude the specific behaviors standards for each level. For the levels of role, it should be considered from delivering results, driving for targets, improving efficiency, bringing competitive advantages, and assuring sustainable growth. And the levels can be defined as beginner, experienced, senior, advanced senior, and expert.
During the second day, participants packet to complete the rough qualification standards for a specific position with the guidance from Mr. Dou. Despite improving the roles and levels defined in the first day, our colleagues also defined the specific behavior standards for all levels of all roles from aspects of contribution, standard behaviors, and skills and knowledge. They found that qualification standards are really helpful and important while evaluating the employees.
Through these two-day training, all the participants realized the necessity and significance of setting the qualification standard matrix. According to the plan, HR Department will lead to set the qualification standards for some positions and invite Mr. Dou to support us to evaluate the standards. We are eager to apply the qualification system in this year, and support our employees to grow up!