A successful sub-dealer conference in 2017

A successful sub-dealer conference in 2017

The sub-dealer conference in 2017 was held at STIHL QD plant on 22nd June 2017. More than 100 excellent sub-dealers from Fujian, Guangxi, Shandong, Hebei, Beijing and Tianjin have attended this conference.


In the welcome speech, Mr. Winfried Michels has outlined the development of STIHL QD and expressed the expectation for better cooperation in the future. Head of Quality department Harry Yu has introduced the quality system of STIHL Qingdao. Head of R&D Services and Supplier Quality Engineering Frank Scholten has shared information regarding the engine design and work principle in which most of the dealers are very interested. During the Q & A section, the management team of STIHL Qingdao together with Mr. Zachary Wang have shared professional experience and ideas with the dealers.


In the following program – plant tour, Head of quality Harry Yu, Assembly manager Uwe Gai, Assembly supervisor Eason Zhang and Assembly engineering supervisor Albert Yu have showed all dealers the whole shop floor. Besides the assembly lines, the visitors also got to know the STIHL Canteen as well via the well-prepared lunch.


Through this visit, all dealers got to well understand the STIHL culture and the advantage of STIHL products. They are convinced by the high quality of the manufactured products at STIHL Qingdao and they have gained confidence and motivation to enlarge the market and increase the sales volume of STIHL products. All of them believe that they will become the most important dealers in the future, grow together with STIHL and win-win with STIHL.


The comment "perfect organization" from all visitors makes us proud.