2016 Global Emission Audit & Product Audit Workshop

2016年度全球排放审核及产品审核研讨会 The 2016 Global Emission Audit & Product Audit Workshop was held at STIHL QD from 25th to 29th April. Experts from the founding company, STIHL Inc. and STIHL Brazil have been invited. It is the first time to combine these two workshops together in STIHL group, which turned out to be a very successful attempt, since emission audit and product audit are two significant aspects of the central quality management, which have closely interaction with products in the market.
Mr. Michels, General Manager of STIHL Qingdao, outlined STIHL QD's development and objectives in the welcome and opening speech, which is very expressive for the guests who came to STIHL QD for the first time. On their subsequent plant tour, the guests were very surprised by the ‘build to order' concept and continuous improvement along the core processes in STIHL Qingdao, which distinguished from the other STIHL production plants.
In the course of the five-day workshop, there was a lively exchange of refreshing ideas and valuable experiences. It was a unique opportunity for all concerned to discuss and determine common principles, targets and focal points of the daily work. On Thursday, lectures from both sides provide a chance to acquaint all employees in STIHL QD with the consequence and recognition of emission audit and product audit.
On a lighter note, to balance the highly concentrated discussions during the daytime, several evening activities were organized to refresh the participants' minds and bodies, including badminton, Yoga and Beijing Opera, which help strengthen the relationship and communication between STIHL QD and oversea participants at the same time. In the end, the workshop had been concluded with fruitful discussions and was an all-round success. The feedback from all participants is "Perfect organization"!