2016 STIHL dealer conference

2016斯蒂尔经销商会议 In order to seek Stihl's future development and make STIHL dealers deeply understand that STIHL always adheres to high quality, 2016 Stihl dealer conference was held ceremoniously on 11th and 12th March 2016 in Qingdao. This time, STIHL Qingdao has received the biggest dealer visitor group with a total of 133 excellent brush cutter and hedge trimmer dealers from China led by General Manager of STIHL Taicang Mr. Zachary Wang.
As the host, STIHL Qingdao has presented itself to the dealers with presentations and plant tour. Mr. Michels - General Manager of STIHL Qingdao has given the dealers a welcome speech, followed by a presentation from Incoming quality control manager Mr. Frank Si who has introduced the quality system of STIHL Qingdao. R&D Engine Technology Expert Mr. Pizzato Geraldo has also introduced "people-oriented" products design concept of STIHL.
The plant tour was led by head of production Mr. David Qian along with production assembly line supervisors Mr. Joe Tian, Mr. Eric Chen and Mr. Jeffery Liu - dealers and colleagues from STIHL Taicang were divided into four groups for a better and thorough look into the STIHL Qingdao plant. After the plant tour, dealers actively participated in the discussion and experienced the product demonstration.
All dealers have given positive feedback that they now totally understand the Corporate Culture of STIHL and the advantage of STIHL products through this visit. They are satisfied with the quality control and incoming inspection at STIHL Qingdao. The willing to cooperate with STIHL is stronger than ever and they are confident with the sales targets in the future.